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embitter v : cause to be bitter or resentful; "These injustices embittered her even more" [syn: envenom, acerbate]

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  1. To cause to be bitter.

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acerbate, afflict, agent provocateur, aggravate, aggrieve, alienate, amplify, anguish, annoy, antagonize, arouse, augment, bitter, break down, bring to tears, bristle, build up, chafe, crush, cut up, damage, deepen, desolate, deteriorate, dilapidate, draw tears, endamage, enhance, enlarge, envenom, estrange, exacerbate, exasperate, fret, grieve, harm, heat up, heighten, hot up, huff, hurt, impair, incense, increase, inflame, infuriate, injure, intensify, inundate, irritate, madden, magnify, make acute, make worse, miff, nettle, oppress, overwhelm, peeve, pique, prostrate, provoke, put back, rankle, rile, roil, ruffle, set against, set at odds, set up, sharpen, sorrow, sour, stir the blood, stir up, torment, vex, weaken, work up, worsen
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